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We help companies get started and build better products faster by leveraging the power of the Design Sprint.

After running over 200 Design Sprints with some of the best companies in the world and training over 1000 people on it through our online course and in-person, we decided it was time to spread the knowledge further!

Welcome to our educational hub, the place where we share the behind-the-scenes, real-life use cases, and tips on all things Design Sprint, innovation & business growth.

Our contributors

Brittni Bowering
Brittni Bowering, Head of Brand at AJ&Smart
Jonathan Courtney
Jonathan Courtney, CEO of AJ&Smart
Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp, creator of the Design Sprint & best-selling author
AJ&Smart Team
AJ&Smart Team

Meet our contributors: Brittni, Jon, Jake & AJ&Smart team! They make sure new articles with the juiciest info come out every week.

Want them to shed some light on a particular topic or want to become a contributor yourself? Drop us a line here.

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